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What exactly is Yoga wear? It must be said that entire industry has been created around the now Western practice of yoga. This yoga is based upon the Indian Philosophy and tradition but is unique applied here in the Western World. Yogis do not go to Yoga class and lay out a map with friends, there path is much different, and definitely involves the poses of yoga but the spiritual journey is different than yours. So what a yogi wears is not going to really be the clothing you put on in your home in front of a Yoga dvd or in Yoga class up the street.

So the first thing we must look at is the real functionality of the clothes themselves. If you have done yoga poses you know that the first thing we must look at is the range of motion involved. You will be twisting, turning and stretching in ways you would not normally be doing in your everyday clothes. So the choice is easy and you will see many women, and yes mostly women, wearing tight stretch pants, usually of the black color variation.

Now there are “yoga” pants out there that you can purchase that have been designed with the yoga movements in mind. However, you do not have to buy an expensive dedicated yoga pants, instead find a pair at a closeout store or even an inexpensive pair at a department store. There may be the case that you cannot find the right fitting pants for all the movements, then by all means try these tailor made yoga pants as they may provide that extra design you need.

Being comfortable and having a free range of movement is really all that yoga clothing entails. Choosing the proper accessories can also make you more likely to continue the wonderful habit of yoga so do not overlook other aspects like a soft and comfortable yoga mat that will keep your knees and joints protected.

For your upper body yoga clothes should consist on tight enough shirts that you will not be getting caught up in the fabric but also not too tight that it pitches or restricts any area. The concept of yoga uses fluidity as an aspect of your movements and if this fluid is restricted by your clothing then it is time to change your clothes!

The last part of yoga gear, but not even close to least, are your feet. All poses start at the feet, it roots you in the ground and into the earth as you create and mimic the yoga poses. The simple best change I made to my yoga experience was purchasing a pair of yoga toe socks, each toe is individually separated giving better grounding. But also a nice modification is made to the bottom adding rubber grip to keep your footing while sweating and stretching yourself to a more full being.

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